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nevada association of real estate broker (nareb)

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The NAREB 8 is a list of programs & initiatives curated by President Donnell Williams that expands the reach of the 2MN5 (2 Million New Black Homeowners in 5 Years), that was launched in 2015. These eight (8) items are the ammunition needed to arm the #REALTISTNATION in the war against declining of Black Homeownership in America and to claim victory in a deliberate, strategic and comprehensive manner.

House Then The Car (HTTC)

  • Program will serve the 1.7 million U.S. African American non-home owning millennial making $100k+ annually
  • Goal is to change the mindset of the millennial (primary) and Gen X (secondary) generations by educating them to the reality that homeownership is the primary tool used for generational wealth building in the African American community

Credit Restoration and Maintenance

  • Program will educate the African American community on the difference between good and bad credit and how to utilize the credit system for leverage to build wealth
  • Tools:
    • D-Free – Debt reduction
    • Better Qualified – establishment of business credit
    • Text “NAREB” to 71441

Realtist Opportunities For Seasoned Individuals

  • Seasoned is defined as anyone over 40 years of age or parents of any age
  • Program addresses holistic needs:
    • Buying/selling real estate
    • Life Insurance, Retirement
    • Health Insurance
    • Reverse Mortgages
    • Supplemental insurance (AARP, Aflac, etc.)
    • And more!

Realtist Referral Network

  • NAREB will create a nationwide, comprehensive database of real estate practitioners who have opted in to being part of this network that will ensure:
  • Fair, equitable platform for obtaining business
  • Vetted business opportunities from reputable referral partners
  • Agreed upon referral fee of 20%

Civic Engagement

  • Program establishes that in our quest to achieve NAREB home ownership goals and objectives, we will have to identify and cultivate a host of “Allies” that expand beyond our established network of partners and the faith based communities.
  • Our allies will include non-profits and professional organizations such as:
  • Urban League, NAACP, Greek organizations, Black Chambers, Minority associations (National Black MBA, Black Cardiologists, etc.)
  • The Civic Engagement website will allow members of our ally organizations and non-profits to post properties for sale and will generate an agreed upon referral fee/donation for every home sold by Realtist members.
  • This program will interface with the Realtist Referral Network.

Bid National

  • A secure online marketplace of NAREB Realtist listings/homes for sale featuring properties in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Realtist Investment Group

  • A board of directors, will be formed for this crowdfunding platform which will allow investors to collectively invest and own real estate projects around the country
  • The group members will have the opportunity to choose initiatives and projects presented

International Committee

  • This program will engage legal immigrants, international leaders and ambassadors and real estate practitioners with a keen interest and experiences with international clientele ยท
  • The goal of the program will be for members of the committee to become the primary resource and referral partners for investors and residents who qualify for EB-5 classification

state of housing in black america (shiba)


The Term SHIBA, is the acronym used to represent our focus on the State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA).

The recent collapse of the housing market and subsequent recession has been particularly devastating to the Black community. Not only has our homeownership rate plummeted, but, accessing mortgage credit has become nearly impossible outside of government insured programs such as the FHA and VA. Unemployment also remains high, in the double digits for Blacks, and vacant and abandoned properties clutter our communities. The SHIBA Report is designed to shed light on many of the issues centered on foreclosure mitigation, neighborhood blight, and disaster recovery for Blacks. More importantly, NAREB has endorsed several policy initiatives in this report. They address rebuilding the mortgage finance system to make loans more available for Black families, ensuring an adequate supply of credit to finance affordable rental housing, and creating a funding vehicle—specifically a community infrastructure bank—to provide the financing to enable broad-based community revitalization and jobs for unemployed workers.


The SHIBA Report is very comprehensive. It provides a detail view into the real numbers and facts that impact and impede Black families from realizing the dream of homeownership. NAREB is committed to changing the statistics through our members and industry relationships. Our goal is to continue to show Black families the issues which affect them, and bring solutions to overcome these barriers. Take time to review the Report which was published in 2013. Since that time, NAREB has moved beyond the data to provide solutions. 

thank you to our loyal partners

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